2011 Winners Circle

Jason Drew won E-Mod at Sandusky Speedway. June 2011

Hello to all at Koffel’s Place
Just wanted to send a note of thanks. I put B-1 heads on my car for the first time this past season. It is a 604 inch motor that I put together with a used set of heads. I bought some parts from you guys and got a lot of advice. We set the timing at 34 degrees and never changed it. The car ran a best time of 7.82 @ 172.00 (it is heavy for a dragster – 2170 with 330 pound driver). We did not change anything because it ran great & was very consistant. I won the Lebanon Valley Dragway Super Eliminator Points with it in 2010. I’m currently recovering from a 4 way bypass about 3 weeks ago, the doctors expect a full recovery, so I expect to race the car this year and plan on leaning on it a bit and changing a few things, timing, converter & larger carb. Thanks again for all of the great advice!
Mike Fitts

Congrats Lane Donnalley!
Lane was the 2010 Quaker City 2010 "Jr. Pro" champion and the R/U of the overall Junior track championship.

Bob & Jackie Martie's B-1 T/S powered truck puller came in
1st in the Super Stock 4X4 event at Mercer, Pa.
Congratulations Bob & Jackie!
Bob Martie and his B-1 T/S Truck Puller..."Raisin A Ruckus"...continues their winning he won again at Big Knob, Pa. which now moves him up into 4th in points.

Despite some corrective body surgery from John Hochstedler's last race outing and accident....he continued his winning ways at the Pittsburg IHRA Pro Am event ...winning Top Sportsman.

The 15th Annual Little Red Express Meet of the National Assaociation of Li'l Red Express Truck Owners was held at the Holiday Inn in Newport News, Va. The parking lot yielded a sea of pristine LRT's from 1978 & 1979. ....and a Warlock, too.
We had the pleasure of attending with "our B-1 powered version"  of the LRT. While ar Chrysler, Dave was part of the group that headed up the development of the it was a great chance to meet up with a lot of the owners and to share information and "swap tales" with Skip Gibbs  and John Roberts who have been the founding fathers of the organization. If anyone who has a LRT or Warlock...and needs information,parts access  or history of any can contact these guys and go to the web

Congratulations Tom Wood! Tom runs our B-1 Engine set up and has been a long time customer.
More on Tom and crew, click

Our "B-1 Boys" did quite well at  Rockingham IHRA meet. Frank Teague our IHRA Squadron leader qualified well and was fast In Top Sportsman and sent these pictures of our other B-1 Squadron member....who WON Top Sportsman..... John Hochstedler!!!! Great Job!!!!

 At the NHRA Midwest Nats at Madison, Ill. Koffel's Place customers were dominate in Top Sportsman!!! Our Koffel's Place "Allied Squadron Leader", Marco Abruzzi, defeated Mike Kokenes "B-1 Squadron member"in the final 4 of Top Sportsman. Abruzzi then went on to take the Top/ Sportsman "Wally" for the championship in the final.

 Congratulations to our Web Master Mike for completing his degree at the age of 47! GOOD JOB!!


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