The Lake Erie Monster and our driver Keith Mclennen displayed at the
Toledo Whitmer High School Vocational Open house and entertained with an engine start up.

Scott Koffel and the engine that he built that competed in the 2018 Engine Masters Challenge.
Chris Henderson & Tim Krasen were part of the team.

Henry Kindle...long time B-1 customer

A special congratulations to John Boes from Koffel's Place!!

Jim Clark a LONG TIME friend and racer, sporting his B-1 power

Henry Kindle....a long time B-1 owner from Texas

The Kaylor Family won the Quick 16 Door Championship at Muncie Dragway with their B-1 power. Congratulations!

The Koffel "Mopar" men are here to serve!

"Congratulations to Paul Cassidy on a job well done"

Congratulations Lisa Boes with her WIN at the Halloween Classic!

Congratulations to Dale Boyer on winning the Mean Motorhome race at the Halloween Classic!

Congratulations to Taylor Zietlow and family from the Koffel's Place Family.

Dave, We lucked out and won the NHRA Wyoming State Championship on 9-30-15 and finally got a good picture of the new car we built. Thought I would shoot it out to you...
THANKS  Andy Weinmaster 

Here are some pictures from the Downtown Massillon Show....Quite a homecoming for us., as we had 5 members of our original Flintstone Flyer Crew show up...and enjoyed "rattling the windows" with the dragster start-up

In July...Dave Koffel was part of a Hagerty Insurance Seminar at the St. John's Concours of America in Plymouth, Mi.
The seminar was on the factory race car programs ...and he and Butch Leal held up the Chrysler end of things.

July 11th at Mopars at Carlisle....Dave Koffel was inducted into the Mopar Hall of Fame.

In May....won the Fast 4 Top the NHRA Div. 3 Points meet at SMP.

At the Gasser Reunion at Thompson Dragway in June....we celebrated 63 years of active racing... by lining up our "Lake Erie Monster" dragster with Dave driving our original "Flintstone Flyer" E/G and doing a launch together.

The Lake Erie Monster Top Dragster broke the track record at Magnolia Dragway as being the first race vehicle in the 3's. ....with at 3.94 and 3.92. We were able to celebrate a homecoming of sorts as Koffel Family has been racing there since 1958.


The Kaylor Family Racing sported a snazzy and outstanding new paint and graphic scheme for their B-1 powered LeBaron, this last season at Norwalk's Monster Mopar event. Truly a "family class act".


Koffel's Place wishes to congratulate our long time customers....John & Lisa Boes. The 2014 season has been "over the top" for the "dynamic duo". John won the Summit Motorsports Park 2014 Super 64 and a McIlvain turn key dragster...SMP's 10 Grand Nats. Lisa followed up by winning the Marion County 2014 Track Championship. John finished the season with an awe-inspiring wheel stand in his Corvette at the SMP's Halloween Classic! 2015 will present this duo as a tough act to follow!! Ya did Koffel's Place proud!!!

Mary Lou Norris's B-1 powered dragster built by Koffel's Place.

Congrats to Jim Johnson, crew member of the Lake Erie Monster.
Jim landed his first top 3 finish!

The Lake Erie Monster collected  their $2000 bounty as the first race car to go in the 3's at Magnolia Dragway, with a 3.92. It came full circle for the Koffel family they enjoyed coming back to their "roots" and along with driver Keith McClennan. & crew.. completing another goal on their "bucket list".


All New Media Section. Remember to stop back as this page will always be under construction with NEW updates, video & photos!!
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011



Longtime B-1 customers of Tom Wood & Nick Poloson

Congrats to Paul Cassidy for a job well done and tribute graphics on the Super Bee "Dirty Laundry" at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

From its old legendary owner, Jim Whitaker in Michigan to its new legendary owner, Jim Clark...just about ready to race on the West Coast.

Picture #1
Congratulations to the Blue Angels Hot Rod Club of Massillon, Oh.(first and second generation members) for their recent induction into the East Coast Dragtimes Hall of Fame in Henderson, N. C.
Picture #2
In the 1970's the Blue Angels Top Fuel dragster had just won a major NHRA event and posed for a trophy presentation picture with Linda Vaghn "Miss Golden Shifter". Now 43 years later the same group, with Linda Vaughn got to re-create the same picture.


Well my racing year is almost over(only the halloween classic is left).
We're done with the lake erie monster (the fast car) and we had a great year with it. two wins , two runner ups, and a semi final in five races at Tompson. A runner up at Quaker, only one race there and a win. A couple of #1 Qualfiiers at Norwalk (two races).
I want the thank the Koffels (Dave ,Scott, and Suzzie) Jim, Tex & Brenda, Greg, Dutch, Laura ( my back up girl), my wife Pat, Gay, Mike and Mike and anybody else I missed and there were many.
Keith McLennan

We displayed the original "Flintstone Flyer" in downtown Norwalk as part of the celebration and history of Norwalk Dragway's 50th anniversary  thru the Firelands Museum. That actual car was at the track opening day in 1963.

Dave & Scott;
Thought I'd send a couple pics of my Coronet. Your motor is making real good power and putting the car thru over 137 mph even though it's pretty heavy.
I have to work on the suspension as my 60 ft. times are not too good as my et's which are 10 one's and two's. I now have to apply for a competion license.
My first race out I was all over the place but my second race I managed to go five rounds (semi's pro bracket) picking up a perfect reaction time in the third round. So not too bad for not racing since 1968.
Thanks for your help
Barry Patterson.

Mike Clanton....long time customer and crew member on the Lake Erie Monster Dragster...with his own ride...a Blown Big Block Mopar with a KP Block.

Hello all,  Please open up URL below.
Seeing is believing!!!   Finally, Joe Immler and guys wilth BA "Twin Angels" car are on the front page of the Massillon Indi news paper.  After 55 years, Raff & Polly,  the Bill Hoover families and many others being are recognized for their good work.
Special thanks to Christina McCune and Glenn Dettman of the Independent for their time and work skills.
Hope to see you all tonight in Massillon.   Bring family and Friends.  Weather permitting. 
Please forward to others who may be interested.          
Thank you all,

Susie and Dave,
Thnak you very much for the pictures and thank you for coming to the reunion. Attached are to pictures of the dragster. Hopefully this helps with your part search. Also we have recieved a fuel injection system as a donation we are currently looking for a matching one. Please keep us posted on parts you have.

Thnak You!

The Koffel's Place Family would like to congratulate Frank Teague (our 20 year Captian of the B-1 Squadron) for his induction into the 2012 East Coast Dragtimes Hall of Fame in Henderson, N. C.
A special congrats to Becky White of the former Quicktimes Dragracing News magazine for her belated acceptance of her 2003 induction.
(Picture...L to R...Becky White..Susie Koffel...Dave Koffel...Debbie Teague...Frank Teague)

It saddens us to share the news of the passing of not only a son, friend and a fellow racer. John H Pearson  IV;
of Clarkston; passed unexpectedly due to an accident August 19, 2013.
A loving son of Toni and John H. Pearson, III. John was a 2002 graduate of Clarkston High School.
Funeral Service will be held Saturday 12:30 pm at the Lewis E. Wint & Son Funeral Home.
Visitation are Friday 3-9 pm.
Online guestbook

The following Saturday, May 25 at Thompson Motorsports Park at the first Asphalt Wars Series , Keith Mclennen drove the Koffel's Place "Lake Erie Monster Top Dragster to another win!

This weekend, June 1, the Koffel family returned to Thompson Dragway with a dragster of another sort. Dave, in 1953 became a member of the Blue Angels Hot Rod Club of Massillon,Oh. This club ran AA/F dragsters from 1952-1972 all along the East coast and Midwest. The remaining members are being inducted into the East Coast Dragtimes Hall of Fame in Henderson, N.C. this Fall. The entire back half of this twin engine dragster is ORIGINAL. Dave & Scott Koffel built the restoration engines for it and this was the debut and engine "start-up" at the Gasser Reunion at Thompson. So now it is "cackle ready!!!"....restored.... and involves many 2nd generation members.

We get to "toot our own horn" a bit as we are happy to report that Keith Mclennan driver of the Koffel's Place "Lake Erie Monster" Top Dragster won the Wiseco Top Dragster Quick Four at the NHRA Div. 3 Points meet...The Cavalcade of Stars at Summit Motorsports Park with a final run of 6.09 ET.

Koffel's Place sends congratulations to
Kaitlin "Wild Child" Zietlow
Norwalk's 2012 Track Champion in Novice Jr. Dragster. Pictured with her "dapper" Dad "Wild Bill"
a special congratulations to the entire Zietlow family.

From 1952 to 1972 The Blue Angels dragsters raced in the midwest...east coast...and nationally.


The Blue Angels Hot Rod Club had their 3rd Annual Reunion featuring the 75% completed restoration of the original twin engine dragster. They are now looking for contributions of parts to finish the engines

The Koffel's Place Family would like to congratulate Frank Teague (our 20 year Captian of the B-1 Squadron) for his induction into the 2012 East Coast Dragtimes Hall of Fame in Henderson, N. C.A special congrats to Becky White of the former Quicktimes Dragracing News magazine for her belated acceptance of her 2003 induction.
(Picture...L to R...Becky White..Susie Koffel...Dave Koffel...Debbie Teague...Frank Teague)

A special congratulations to Chase Knight of Crane Cams and 40 year plus friend of the Koffel Family...for his Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 East Coast Dragtimes Hall of Fame.
(picture L to R...Laura Knight...Dave Koffel...Chase Knight)

Here is a sneak peek at Tom Ticer's new B-1 powered dragster.
Thanks to Koffels. We should have the Dragster & the Avenger out within a week or 2. Hope you guys like the BIG decal on the side of the dragster!

After a couple of month's development work on the new "Lake Erie Monster" all came together to give us back to back Outlaw Dragster wins in the Asphalt Wars Series at Thompson Dragway and Pittsburgh Dragway...Aug. 18th and Aug.25.We want to thank Mickey ThompsonTires, NGK, Speed Pro, Fed. Mogul, Abruzzi, Wiseco, Crane, Charlies Pans, Fire Core,Harlow Tires,Trend, Fowler Perf., & Brad Penn, Moto Lenz, Bill Miller that has helped us showcase our B-1 Products and engine combinations.
Thanks to Cole Rokosky & Mike Costic for the two pictures.

Keith's McKellar winning photo from Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis Missouri.
Keith was very pleased with the car performance that weekend and spoke with Scott at length about how the motor performed.
"Mopar Monster Weekend" Gateway Motorsports Park St. Louis Missouri, Super Pro win June 9, 2012

Andy Weinmaster from Alliance won Super Pro at Douglas Motorsports Park with his B-1 Power!!!
Congrats Andy!

Dave Koffel and Ken Hirata shared a 50th anniversary of the Div. 3 NHRA Points meet from May of 1962 at Indianapolis Raceway Park, while their sons, David Hirata and Scott Koffel participated with their present day dragsters at the Div. 3 Points meet at Norwalk , May,2012. In 1962 ...Dave Koffel captured his first National Record with the Flintstone Flyer E/G Packard and Ken Hirata with the Hirata-Hobbs dragster was pitted alongside. Now 50 year later they enjoyed a reunion!

Congratulations to the Koffel’s for winning the Best Engineered award with the ALL NEW Lake Erie Monster at the 2012 Blaster Cavalcade of Stars at Summit Motorsports Park!

1st Place Win 8.12 on 8.12 dial in the final after 7 rounds of racing this weekend " The Hangover National " Speedworld surprise, Az Awsome 491 B1 best ET 8.11 @ 168 MPH w. 1.14 60' @ 3000 ft. air. Thanks for the awsome motor! Tom Ticer

Kevin Dick's B-1 powered tractor puller on its winning run at Guernesy County Fair.

"Congratulations Susie Koffel for being inducted into the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame"

I am proud to announce that my B1 powered 93’ Dodge Daytona is the 2011 Top Sportsman Champion @ New England Dragway, Epping, NH. The motor is a 596 cubic inch with your B1 move centerline heads and CFE sheetmetal intake with a pair of Pro Systems prepped 1050 carbs. (2) Wins, (2) Runner up finishes and no 1st round losses sealed the deal. Thanks Susie, Dave and Scott for all your help over the years!!!!
Frederick B. Clark


Keith McKellar wins at the Chrysler Classic at Norwalk, Ohio. Be sure to check out the Bullet News on Keith's Win!

Hi Susie
Proud to say we won the Pro Class in Norwalk August 27th. Could not have done it without all your help!
Bill Zietlow


Once again....we were fortunate to be invited to what had been the last 32 years...the Meadowbrook has now moved to a new location in Livonia, Mi. A couple of years ago we were in the show with our Packard Flintstone this year was in a group of early funny cars. Huge show...and so nice that the shows are now depicting some of the history of the drag cars. VERY hot weather...but a HUGE show! Happy to still be alive to enjoy our original race cars!!!!
Susie & Dave

Congratulations to Bob & Jackie Martie with their B-1 T/S powered puller with a WIN in Smithfield Ohio!

Jason Drew won E-Mod at Sandusky Speedway.

Hello Koffel’s Place viewers!
We were on display with the original "Flintstone Flyer Packard" at the old Packard Proving Grounds. They had a HUGE show of Packard’s, custom vehicles, collector cars of all brands as a benefit sponsored by Motor City Packard’s to provide funds for the continued restoration of the Old Packard Proving Grounds and buildings. This was a very neat setting for the event and any future events.

“When you’re HOT your HOT!”
Is how Larry Thomason puts it, after winning Super Pro at the Summit Bracket Racing Series at Royal Purple Raceway. Congratulations Larry!!

We ran the O'Reilly Spring Nationals at Houston this week end where we managed to best 68 out of a 70 car field in Super Comp for a runner-up finish.we had a ball! The sportsman portion of the event will be shown on ESPN 2 soon.I will get back to you when I know the date.
"Larry Thomason"

Congratulations Susie Koffel for being inducted into the “East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame”!

Hall of Fame

Kenny Yeoman
Kenny Yeoman...a long time B-1 member of the Squadron.....before his unfortunate crash at the MATS

Tommy D Rich Wheeler
Tommy D....was also part of the B-1 Squadron as a qualifier in the Q-16 at the MATS. Rich Wheeler was another B-1 powered qualifier.

Tom Radiff John Britton
Another B-1 Qualifier for the Q-16  was Tom Radiff. #6 Qualifier of the Q-16 at the MATS was John Britton...and Scott Koffel's "Host Supreme" at the event!!!!.

Gordon Turner Al Aguire
Gordon Turner did the B-1 Squadron proud by winning the Q-16 at Mopars at the Strip in Vegas. B-1 Squadron stand-out...Al Aguire made it to the final 4 of the Q-16 at the MATS.

These pictures will start the 2011 race season... From the Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas!
Last weekend.Scott was there as a guest of John Britton and had a chance to see all of our West Coast B-1 customers... Oh,.and to clelbrate the BIG 50!!!

Scott Koffel Suddenly

How nifty...Scott turned 50!!!!.......


Saturday 12/11/2010 the Blue Angels Hot Rod Club out of Massillon, Ohio met for their reunion. This group of guys fielded a top fuel dragster from 1952 till 1972...nationally and primarily in the midwest.

If you missed the Halloween Classic at Summit Motorsports Park, This is only part of what you missed!
Photoed from left to right
Mike, Mary, Tex, Scott, Dave, Susie, Ron, Brenda, Dutch, Leah, Race & Nick



Be sure to take a tour of Koffel's Place with Drake Simmons...  






Lake Erie Monster at the Cavalcade of Stars!!

This video is by SQ Racer, NICE JOB!

Its the Nostalgia Show!!!!
Nostalgia Show

The Nostalgia TV Show with Dave Koffel!

The Nostalgia Flintstone Flyer at the Night Under Fire!

    Jason Drew
Jason Drew
Jason drives E/Mod that runs at Sandusky and Mansfield.



"Nicely Twisted" ...Art by Chuck

Chuck Carman




OutLaw Dragster!

Be sure to check back for the "2011" schedule.


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2006 Chrysler Classic


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