Keith McKellar from Fort Erie, Ontario debuted is new blown B-1 powered dragster at Miramichi Dragway in New Brunswick, Canada & Grand Bend, Ontario. 

Alain Duerr & Jorg Schumacher had a very successful run at the Nitro Olympics in Hockenheim, Germany. They ended up R/U in the Outlaw Race with their might little blown B-1 B/A small block engine in an Alpha Romeo...against many other larger pro mod style combinations. They had to quickly rebuild the frond end from a previous top end accident at a track in Italy, the month before.
Over Labor Day weekend made a return visit to Italy where "The Little Monster" turned a personal best of 8.662.

Congrats to our long time customer...Gislain Beaulieu of Beaulieu Performance out of Quebec, Canada qualified 4th in Top Sportsman at the "Shakedown at the Summit" with their 528 cu in B-1 Engine @ 6.38  221 mph.

72 Cuda
Jeroen Peters B-1 powered 72 Cuda Super Gas from the Netherlands.

A progress picture from France of Eric Monsenego's B-1 powered Pro Mod Cuda.


Jorg Schumacher and Alain Duerr had a successful 2nd trip to Bitburg Germany where their blown Mopar B-1/BA Small block powered Alpha....claimed the trophy.


The team of Alain Duerr and Jorg Schumacher of Specialty Imports now have their 2014 version of their upgraded 441 Cu. In. B1BA Small Block powered Alpha Romeo to include a 8-71 Blower with an expertly hand made billet blower manifold. A true representative of Fiat & Chrysler merger.

Our good friend and race partner Clemson Laurens , together with 2 other Dutch teams will attend
an international race event from 29/04 until 03/05 at Ronde Klip dragracing track in Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean.
Although it was planned that PTTM would race there as well, we couldn't make our car ready on time to
attend this great event as well, sad but true....

Clemmy, now living in Holland for many years, was born and raised on the Island, and in his younger days
he was a well known and successful racer there.
He will join up and bring home his beloved and fast 68'barracuda Fastback equipped with a fresh B1 Engine,
a car in witch he originally raced in Curacao back in the days, before he brought it with him to Holland

were the car is also well known and has won many races in the past years.
Clemmy rebuild the car last winter and a fresh engine was build to make the car faster yet again.
The car has been loaded into a container and shipped to the happy island.

Off course PTTM being a B1 Dealer and engine builders as well as running there own race teams, couldn't
let Clemmy leave without some help and support and we co- sponsored the trip and his races there.

We have high expectations for clemmy and the other Dutch teams there and hope the bring back
some fast time slips and if possible some race wins and a cup !


Jari Konola

Hauser RacingPedal To The Metal

Rob Napier's sweet looking B-1 powered Roadster from Australia.

Hi. I bought some second hand but unused BS heads, which originally came from you. However, they have straight, rather than angled, spark plugs. I’m just curious, would this indicate they were very early heads perhaps...? Any enlightenment you can provide, gratefully received.
Incidentally, motor made 550 hp with a mechanical cam, just shy of 600 ft/lb, not too shabby? Going in a 68 Coronet R/T, I’ll send you a pic when it’s zipped up if you like?

Best wishes,
Howard Holmes

The B/S Heads were all done with straight plug. There have been no changes to the head since they were introduced.

Scott Koffel

latest news fom the raceweekand in hockenheim
our team alfa romeo won the final in pro et with e dial in of 9.90 running 9.92 in the final lap against a mustang.
alain did a good job as driver and the secret why he was so cool in the two runs to the win, was maybe one of the two bottle italian valpolicella wine he and i was drinking saturday night.
cogratulation to him , his wife and dennys and francine and maybe to an old prostreetdriver who knows the tricks to make a car stady on a terrible traction
the good,bad and ungly...jorg



Hi Guys!
Just back from a 3 day 3-B1 car test & tune session with our team.

We had FANTASTIC weather…. And we were on a German track where there was a special BMW car
show. We were the only race team there (special invitation) and had the whole track to ourselves!!
For us, this was a dream weekend. All cars turned out tip-top, except for some vibration issues
on my RR at above 200kmh. The track was not prepped but we still had
grip enough to test the cars engines and set ups etc. All in all a GREAT weekend!
I made a special B1 pic for you guys (team frame)
We also upgraded the website drag pages.

This coming weekend (although the weather forecast is bad…) we have our first official
race… I will report about the RR afterwards. But so far so good & the engine run’s
like clockwork. Seeing I couldn’t run it under real full power all the way yet, I will
be back with news on that later.
1 thing that was very surprising that after 6 or 7 runs we lashed the valves / engine hot…
Not 1 rocker was off in any way!!!  Great engine!!



Hello Koffel’s Place,
I’m Henning Blume from Germany and a drag racer. I have the third engine from you. I bought this from Fred Dorland in the Netherlands.
I´ve have sent you photos of my Plymouth.
Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

Hay guys, here are some B1-runner photo’s made on the presentation day last Wednesday (more than 250 visitors!) It was a great success. We had all the team and sub-team cars here together (6 race cars & all B1’s)
Regards !
Fred Dorland
Video of Fred Dorland's B1-Runner


Congrats on the win Doug!!!!

Doug Cote from North Hatley, Quebec, Canada

Rick Garrett from England





for more photos of Alain, click hear

Alfa Romeo "Specialty Imports"


Hi guys thought you might like to see one of your old engines still doing the numbers. 
Thaks for your help. 
Ps first run after 2 year rebuild 10.14 
Bob How 


From: Fred in the Netherlands
PedalTTmetal Dragracing

Hi Guys !We ( our dragraceteam) have cought the attention of some dutch journalists and they wrote a nice article about
all our combined team and sponsor activities !... I know that its in Dutch... but i just wanted to let you know this fact !

You can visit the report HEAR



Keith McKellar from Canada
Wins in Pittsburg!

Rick Cooke (England)



Hello Suzie,
Just few words to say that this week end (Juil 30-31, Aug 1) was the Mopar Euro Nats in Santa Pod UK, and guess what ? I'm the fastest Mopar winner ! (I'm very proud........)
talk to you soon 
Kind regards 


Eric Monsenego from France with his B1 Cuda


Margaret Levien from New Zeland


Ghislanin Beaulieu from Quebec Canada

2 videos from Ghislain's twin turbo B1 heads Lebaron at Sanair

Inh. Michael Mugrauer
from Austria

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