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Question: Will B-1 Heads bolt right on any Chrystler Wedge Block?
Answer: Yes, with no modifications. Pistons must be renotched, however. We also have piston recommendations that are made for the B-1 application.
Question: What are the stock valve sizes as delivered?
Answer: Intake valves are 2.300" diameter & exhausts are 1.775 diameter. For the moved centerline B-1 Head option, we offer a 2.400 titanium Intake.
Question: How well do B-1 Heads flow?
Answer: Stock out of the box B-1 Heads flow SUBSTANCIALLY better than any other wedge head. (This includes ANY stage cast iron heads or the two competition`s aluminum heads.) Ported B-1 Heads will flow as well or better than any of the aftermarket Big Block GM or Ford heads. Typical modified B-1 Heads mill flow 420 cfm intake and 290 cfm exhaust @ 28", and moved center 450 intake & 300 cfm exhaust center.
Question: How do B-1 Heads compare to Hemi Heads?
Answer: B-1 Heads make more horsepower and torque than Hemi heads. This is accomplished with better cylinder swirl, more piston to chamber quench and better spark plug location. In addition, B-1 Heads have lighter, stiffer roller rocker arms which allow the engine to rev higher without killing the valve springs.
Question: What type of spring and cam lifts will B-1 Heads accept?
Answer: B-1 Heads will accept either 1.625 or 1.550 valve springs as delivered and will accept up to 1.750 with Minor machining. Valve lifts as high as .850 are possible with no modifications (assuming appropriate Spring are used.) Most approx. 500 Cu-ln. B-1 equipped engines run in tile 3500 to 7500 RPM range.
Question: Are B-1 Heads reliable?
Answer: Hundreds of pairs are in service with no failures of any kind. No cracking-no guide movement-no seat movement. Our seats and guides are made of the same quality material as NASCAR Cup spec.. Walker Evans has run our heads in every major off road race, including the BAJA 1000 with no failures. We ran hundreds of dyno hours before our heads were released for public sale.We have hundreds of satisfied customers and winners. We don't expect our customer to be guinea pigs. We have an on-going program of rigorous testing and development of new product and inprovements. YOUR SALES ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR SERVICE!
Question: How much lighter are B-1 Heads than cast iron heads?
Answer: B-1 Heads weigh 78# per pair. Compare this to cast iron heads @96# per pair or cast iron Hemi head @ 126# per pair. In addition the B-1 heads have decks that are .750 thick and have thick combustion chamber walls and port walls,.THEY ARE STRONG!
Question: Are B-1 heads too expensive?
Answer: B-1 Heads are competitively priced with other makers of aluminum heads. The thing that makes them economical in the long haul is their repairabilty and reliability. Crash a set of expensive cast iron heads and you're all done. Crash a B-1 and race it next week. Just like a Viper, B-1 Heads have the highest resale value of all. In 10 years there has been only one modest price increase due to the cost of aluminum.


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