Diagram 1 - Location of External Oil Drains

The above photo shows the location of the external oil drains.

External Drain

Diagram 2 - Proper Location of Rocker Shaft

Proper Positioning Of Rocker Shaft

The above photo shows the flared holes aligned with the same side of the
rocker shaft as the rocker adjusting screw.

Rocker Shaft

Diagram 3 - Ball drop for proper pushrod length

Ball Drop For Proper Pushrod Length

The above photo shows how to measure the proper dimesion to ensure proper
pushrod length on all rockers except for the T/S

Rocker Gear
Diagram 4 - Rocker Spacer Location and CL Spec

Rocker Gear Spacer Setup for Original B-1 and Moved Center Heads

The rocker gear spacer are always assembled, thin, medium and thick as shown above. There has to be
an end play clearance of .020" to 0.025" for proper operation. To get this clearance
ONLY machine the thick spacer.

Rocker gear spacer
Proper location of rocker shaft holes

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