B-1 T/S Head Q & A


Question: Will these heads fit on my 440 block?
Answer: We have versions to fit a hemi block, modified mega block, or modified K B Block and our Pheonix block.
Question: What valve size do the heads have?
Answer: The hemi, modified mega block, or the K B block with a 4.500 bore will normally accept a 2.375 intake valve and 1.800 exhaust valve. The Pheonix block which is at 4.600 bore will use a 2.450 intake valve and 1.880 exhaust valve.
Question: That type of roller tappets can you use?
Answer: Tappets must be an oiler type tappet that will feed oil up the pushrods. Tappets are available from Crane or Comp Cams.
Question: What type of valves are used with this head?
Answer: Must use a titanium valve with a steel tip insert.
Question: What rockers do I use with this head?
Answer: Rocker assemblies are available from T&D and Jesel
Question: What intake manifolds can I use?
Answer: For most uses sheet metal custom intakes are available and special order cast single 4 bbl available.
Question: Can I use my standard pistons?
Answer: No, custom pistons are required.
Question: Can I use my stock headers?
Answer: No, exhaust bolt pattern is special to head. Header flanges are available.
Question: Can I use my stock valve covers?
Answer: No, special valve covers available for heads.
Question: Can I use my stock or MSD dist with these heads?
Answer: To use stock dist head must be modified to provide dist clearance. We recommend Newman Racing Prod offset dist to clear head.


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