B-1 B/S Head Q & A


Question: Are B/S Heads direct replacements for my cast iron heads?
Answer: Yes, with the following exceptions:

1. lf you are currently securing your existing heads to the block with studs. you will have to change the center row of studs (5) on each side of the engine (10 total). We sell a partial stud kit for this.

2. lf you are currently securing your existing heads to the block with stock head bolts, they will have to be changed to either 12 point or Allen head bolts. lf you desire to use studs. we have a complete kit.

3. You will need to change to Roller Rocker arms which are compatible with the B/S Heads or Stage 4 or Stage 5 Cast iron Mopar Performance heads. Tlhese rockers are available as a complete kit from us. * * * . Crane Roller Rockers compatible with: Stage 4 or 5 heads will also work Hydraulic Rockers,pad type or standard Harlen Sharp Rockers will not work

4. The heads require longer push rods. Approx. .400. We sell custom pushrod sets for $210.00 . You must use C Series Spark Plugs. We recommend C59YC plugs for racing and C63YC for streets or NGK R5671 A-9 or R5672 A-8

Question: Are B/S Heads durable in endurance applications?
Answer: Yes, we have heads with thousands of endurance miles with no cracking or failure.
Question: Are B/S Heads ready to bolt on out of the box?
Answer: Yes. The heads are valve jobbed. bowl blended and matched to an intake manifold dimension of 2.330 tall X 1.200 wide. They are final assembled and ready to race.
Question: Can you get additional performance by doing further port work to B/S Heads?
Answer: Yes, a proper porting job will add an additional 30 HP & 30 Ft.Lb. Torque. We do recommend that if radical porting is considered that you simply buy the origional B-1 Heads, instead-as there is more more potential with less cost.
Question: Are B/S Heads lighter than cast iron heads?
Answer: Yes. a fully assembled B/S head weighs 43 pounds.
Question: What cam lifts are compatible with the B/S Heads:
Answer: The heads are set up for a roller cam with .670" net lift. lf you are running a flat tappet cam, remove the inner valve spring.
Question: Do B/S Heads require Intake Manifold Adapters?
Answer: No, you simply use any available production or aftermarket manifold. Remember that you must use a 440 manifold on all 413-426-440 blocks and a 383/400 manifold on all 361-383400 Blocks. We also offcr the B-1 Manifold adapter package as a proven horsepower increase option
Question: Do all other components bolt on to B/S Heads?
Answer: Yes, Valve Covers ( We offer a B-1 Cover also),headers,etc. bolt on. All accessory boltholes are drilled and tapped.
Question: How will piston to valve clearance be compared to my iron heads?
Answer: You will have more starting clearance than with an iron head. ALWAYS check piston to valve, though as various combinations of chamber volume and cam can affect this.
Question: What are the valve sizes and chamber CC of a B/S Head?
Answer: Valve sizes are 2.200 Intake & 1.810 Exhaust. Chamber CC are 65/66 nominal.
Question: WiIl changing to B/S Heads alter the peaking speed of my engine?
Answer: No, unless you highly port them. Peak speed will be 6000/6500 RPM and shift speedwill be 6750/7000.
Question: How do B/S Heads compare to the competition?
Answer: B1-B/S Heads provide in most cases as good of flow & performance than our competition at a SIZABLE cost savings out of the box.
Question: What are some oilier desirable features of the B/S Heads?
Answer: 1. Thick deck plate. Allows for straight or angle milling for ultra compression Provides exceptional gasket sealing. .
2. Reinforced lower row of head bolts. Resists cracking after multiple re-torqueing.
3. Excellcnt metallurgy and heat treatment. Proven in thousands of miles of sprint car & off-road
4. Oils internally No extra oiling lines.
5. Dyno developed by the leaders In Chrystler Wedge technology. B-1 Heads ,Inc. Has a FULL TIME development programs with our two inhouse Dynos. B-1 Heads have won more World Championships (NHRA & IHRA and national events than all of the competition combined!


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