B-1 B/A Spread Guide Head Q & A


Question: Whats is the difference between the standard B-A dn the Spread Guide version?
Answer: The valve guide is moved to accept 2.150 intake valve with 1.60 exhaust valve. Spring pockets raised .300 from standard B-A. Intake face of cyl. Head has W-2 intake bolt pattern. Intake ports are in w-2 location but are rectangular in shape. Exhaust ports raised and shaped like 18 degree Chevy and exhaust face not drilled so a person can use W-2, Chevy, or custom header bolt pattern. Head comes with no intake pushrod holes so ports can be made larger.
Question: What rockers can I use on Spread Guide Heads?
Answer: W-2 with tall rocker blocks, T & D, or Jessel.
Question: How much can be milled off the heads?
Answer: .150 can be flat milled.
Question: How small a bore can the Spread Guide heads fit on?
Answer: We recommend 4.100 but will fit 4.080.


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