B-1 B/A Head Q & A


Question: Are B/A Heads Direct replacement for my cast iron heads?
Answer: Yes, with the exception of 2 things. First standard headers must be modified by removing connecting metal between header flanges for spark plugs wire clearance, This is because the exhaust port is raised .375 up and .250 outward compared to a stock head. The second in most cases the use of longer pushrods may be required.
Question: Can I use my std 340-360 intake manifold?
Answer: Yes. Any stad 340 or 360 intake can be used.
Question: What is the intake runner volume?
Answer: 195cc
Question: What is the chamber volume?
Answer: 65cc
Question: Can I use dome pistons from my original 340-360?
Answer: No. The chamber is a different shape and requires a special dome.
Question: Can I use my standard adjustable rockers?
Answer: Yes. You may also use rockers from crane, T & D, Jessel & Dove or Harlan Sharp
Question: Can I use standard rocker shafts?
Answer: Yes, but hold down bolt holes must be opened up to .410 dia as to not restrict oil in the rocker shaft with the bigger 3/8 holddown studs.
Question: What size springs come on the head?
Answer: A 1.550 diameter roller spring comes standard with a 1.960 installed height giving 190-200 lbs seat load and will accept up to a .680 lift cam. Mechanical cam springs are available that ptovide 135-145 seat load and same lift environment.
Question: What head gasket should I use?
Answer: For most engines with compression up to 13.5:1 use Fel-Pro #1008 for 14.0 and up copper w/o rings or Cometic MLS.
Question: What is the mill rate on the B-A head?
Answer: .006 per cc
Question: What should I torque the head studs to?
Answer: 110 ft/lbs w/ 30 wt oil.
Question: What spark plug should I use?
Answer: For most applications Champion C59YC, if running nitrous C57YC, and street C63YC. NGK R5671 A-9 or R5672 A-8 may be used as well.
Question: What size valves to the std B-A use?
Answer: 2.080 x 5.070 for intake and 1.600 x 5.070 for exhaust.


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